About our Folding Custom Drop Cards

These drop cards look like real folded cash on one side and have your advertisement on the other. You simply fold the drop card any way you wish and your new advertising campaign is ready to spread the word about your business, AD or opportunity. Forget boring flyers, business cards, rack cards or even post cards, your pretty much telling people "Here, you throw this away!"EVERYONE and we mean EVERYONE who sees these folded dollar bill Drop Cards will want to grab them anywhere they lie.

We do not take any shortcuts by any means. Please do not turn your head because of our low price. Our products are of quality! We have perfected a Drop Cards Paper Stock that not only looks perfect, but we create these drop cards so they can fold easily and will not tear when placed in your pocket or purse. MOST IMPORTANT! UNLIKE ALL OF OUR COMPETITION, WITH OUR PAPER QUALITY, THEY WILL NOT OPEN BACK UP ONCE DROPPED!


We also Offer Million Dollar Flyers Front Side.


These Million Dollar Bill Flyers are the same size as regular currency and work the exact same way as our drop cards. Anywhere you put these flyers the first person that sees them will grab them and see your message.

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5000 For Only $199 80%The Regular Retail Price Back Side




These Cards Work!

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Frequently Asked Questions

See some of frequently asked questions to help answer any you may have. submit your design from our Drop Card Design Page.

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2000 Full Color Drop Cards for Only $99!


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